CFDi or Digital Invoicing in MEXICO

Digital invoicing is known in Mexico as Comprobante Fiscal Digital por Internet (CFDI),and is a legal requirement by the Mexican government for issuing and managing electronic invoices.

The process ensures compliance with tax regulations and provides a standardized way of reporting financial transactions. Here’s a simplified explanation of how it works:


Key Components of CFDI:

  1. Taxpayer Registration: RFC (Registro Federal de Contribuyentes): Businesses and individuals must be registered with the Mexican Tax Authority (SAT - Servicio de Administración Tributaria) and have a unique tax identification number.
  2. Digital Certificates:
    • FIEL (Firma Electrónica Avanzada): A digital signature used to sign electronic documents, ensuring authenticity and integrity.
    • CSD (Certificado de Sello Digital): A digital seal used specifically for issuing CFDIs. It is obtained from SAT.

XML Format:

CFDIs are generated in XML format, which ensures a standardized structure that can be validated electronically.

Process of Issuing a CFDI:
Invoice Generation:

  1. The business creates the invoice using an authorized software provider (PAC - Proveedor Autorizado de Certificación) or their own system. The invoice includes detailed information about the transaction, such as the issuer’s and recipient’s RFC, itemized goods or services, taxes, and total amount.


The generated XML file is sent to a PAC for validation. The PAC verifies the structure and content of the XML file. Once validated, the PAC adds a digital stamp (timbrado), which includes a unique folio number, the date and time of issuance, and a digital signature.

Transmission to SAT:

The stamped XML file is then sent to SAT for further validation and storage in the tax authority’s database.
Delivery to the Customer:

  • The validated and stamped CFDI is sent to the customer, usually via email, along with a PDF representation for readability.

Key Advantages of using digital invoicing in :

  1. Tax Compliance: Ensures that all transactions are reported to SAT, reducing tax evasion.
  2. Efficiency: Streamlines the invoicing process, reducing paperwork and manual errors.

  3. Transparency: Provides clear records of transactions, facilitating audits and financial analysis.  is a mexican compatible software to generate digital  invoices in PDF and XML format that comply with SAT.



Contarte's  software is a simple way for Digital invoicing in Mexico , we use the CFDI   aa comprehensive approach to modernize and standardize financial reporting. By leveraging digital signatures and XML technology, that is how  software ensures compliance, efficiency, and transparency in the country’s tax framework

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